Web-Site for Crazy Old Nav Guys

After I retired from my Boeing job as an aerospace engineer, I had some unfinished business on my mind having to do with inertial navigation and GPS/INS integration. The navigation section documents my ongoing effort to resolve those issues.

Game Programming

My early interest in personal computers began in the late 1970's and that led me into the hobby of trying to program computer games. I can't say I have successfully completed many computer games, but I had a lot of fun trying and I learn a lot about information technology which proved useful in my day job. This section is my way of sharing some of what I have learned along the way.

The Movies Game

"The Movies" was a computer game from about 2005 published by Lionhead which allowed the player to experience the challenges of a Hollywood Studio executive. Although long ago abandoned by the now defunct company, a small but dedicated group of modders amuse themselves by making new content for the game. One of the challenges that attracted me to this group was the problem of creating new animations for for the game. Much of what you will find on my Movies Game blog documents my efforts in that regard.