I have added a few more buttons to the Prototype Movies Game Graphical Interface for Blender. These buttons allow you to run an external application from Blender. There is a button for The Movies Editor, FLM Reader, and The Movies Game. These buttons can be handy, but the downside is, you can use only one tool from the GUI at a time. If you start an application, you have to close it before you can do anything else in Blender.

This afternoon I tried using the GUI to do a real job, something I have been putting off. The new JN4 airplane model by Beowulf71 is great, but the geometry is slightly different from the old model, which sits closer to the ground. In order to replace the old model Jenny with the new model, some adjustment to the animation files are necessary, so I decided to update the plane_warmup scene to use Beowulf's model.

To make a long story short, it worked.

You can take my word for it, or, you can watch this rough cut video of the whole process.

It took three tries to get it done, and there were a couple of Blender crashes, but I am used to that so I am not deterred.