The Movies Blender Graphical User Interface (version 4)

This update is small in scope but, in my opinion, considerably improves the work flow for modifying animations.

The animation import and export modules are the only modules effected. The import anm module now saves the name of the target file in ID property browser. The export anm module uses the target file name to form the name of the output anm file, which is the same as the target file, except for the "n_" prefix. The important difference is that the output anm file will be written to the current directory instead of the folder in which the target file resides. This eliminates the tedium of hunting down the new file and copying it over to the folder where you want to use it.

All of the other functions, importing meshes, exporting meshes, running tmpreflight, et cetera, are unchanged. The work flow for editting an animation is as follows, once you have loaded the required armatures and props:

Step 1: Select the location of the target file using the "Game Animations" button, the"Modified Animations" button, or the "Set CurDir" button.

Step 2: Press "Import ANM" to load the animation.

Step 3: Make any modifications desired to the animation using the Blender interactive tools.

Step 4: Press "Modified Animations" or "Set CurDir" to select the folder to which you want to output the modfied animation.

Caveat: Save your blend often. If anything goes wrong, Blender may crash and you will lose your work.

Download GUI V4

The installation notes are included in the zip file. When the script is run in Blender, check to be sure the version number 4.0 is displayed in the GUI window.

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