Early Aviation

I am interested in creating some early aviation props and costumes for The Movies. I worked through the basic prop tutorial at sexymaria's angelfire site the point where I was able to inject a textured cube into the game. That wasn't too hard, but it was a confidence builder so now I am about to tackle something more ambitious, an airplane prop.

Above is a blender render of a 3d model biplane exported from poser to a 3ds file, then imported into blender 2.49b using the supplied python script. Not too much done so far. I got it scaled up to The Movies game scale which is about 2.5x compared to the poser scale and I reapplied some of the textures. I don't care much for the color scheme, but I'll work on that. I need to figure out how to make the propeller rotate around its center. I am also going to need an old-time leather aviator hat from the pre WW2 era. The image inserted in the corner of the picture is an example of a german style helmet, I believe. It needs goggles. Guess there will have to be two versions, one with goggles up and one with goggles down.

Here is a low poly poser model of a pilot. I managed to import him into blender, peel off the hat and goggles and fit them onto "generic_head."

This is the result, without the lenses in the goggles. Haven't applied a texture to it, just a brownish color. A bit crude, but I was really pleased to learn how easy it is to edit a mesh in blender. Much easier than poser.

After much effort, I managed to create a Movies Game prop with the biplane. I put in simple textures because I was getting frustrated with the old ones. I'll be working on the textures problem (more to come).

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