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My Scene Mods (7/8/2018)
My Hats Mods (2/18/2018)
ANM Import/Export Scripts Vers 5.1.4 (updated 2/6/2018)
TM Lip Sync Tools (12/30/2017)
Import Export Scripts Vers 5.0 (9/5/2017)
Animation Rescaling Scripts (7/17/2017)
ANM Import Export Scripts (8/12/2017) Ver 4.1.1
ANM Import Export Scripts (5/23/2017) Ver 3.3
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Introducing: The Movies Game Blender Graphical User Interface

Download TMBlender GUI Version 3

Blender Lip Syncing for The Movies Heads
Early Aviation
Troopers On Parade
Dwarf Inspection
Hacking the Movies Game ANM Files
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